XN Xchange

Hello & Welcome

The XN Xchange offers a proven web based commercial insurance purchasing process. XN Xchange provides insurance buyers and distribution partners with a compelling alternative to the traditional insurance buying approach. We are the subject matter experts in this space.

Procedures & Technologies

Technology is changing the way in which corporations procure goods and services. The use of new technologies has significantly reduced the costs of many commodities that corporations purchase, and the "art" of spend management and Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO's) using web based purchasing is becoming common among private equity firms.

The use of web based purchasing to procure sophisticated corporate services has begun to take hold. It is a much more complex task to use technology to procure legal, accounting, or insurance services this way, and there are few firms familiar with the complexities of the process.

The team behind the XN Xchange has substantial experience in managing electronic insurance procurement in the property casualty insurance sector and has developed relationships with the "best and brightest" insurance distribution partners. The XN Xchange utilizes technology which has been stringently tested over the last five years, allowing for our team to create specialized web based commercial insurance purchasing protocols.

The results in terms of cost savings and quality of distribution partner services were outstanding. The XN Xchange is dedicated to the support of web based commercial insurance procurement. Its principals have a proven and unique record in managing web based commercial insurance buying events in the insurance industry

Who We Are

  • Our team pioneered the art of commercial insurance "spend management" for a large private equity firm.
  • Our proprietary protocols were developed and tested over a three plus year period.
  • Our events are designed to select the best and brightest distribution partners available to buyers of commercial insurance.

XN Xchange Process

  • Agree expectations for timing and date of event.
  • Sign off on list of competing participants: i.e., brokers or insurers.
  • XN Xchange works with the majority of major brokers and insurance companies and can work with your incumbent as well.